Sesame seeds are low in carbs, high in protein and a powerhouse of organic minerals.

100 grams of sesame provides you with 82% of Iron RDI, 66% of calcium RDI, 75% of Magnesium RDI, 63% of Zinc RDI, 96% of Manganese RDI

30 grams (3 tablespoons) of Sesame gives you 136% of copper RDI

Sesame is also rich in selenium and dietary fiber.

Some uses of the Minerals in Sesame Seeds Flour:

Zinc is vital for strong immunity. Zinc helps produce key sexual hormones. Besides  research has shown it impacts male sexual competency and inhibits prostate cancer.

Copper is essential for brain function, 

Iron is essential for production of blood.

Your body doesn’t produce calcium, so you have to get it exclusively from your diet. 99% of the calcium in our bodies are found in the bones. 

Calcium and Magnesium are important minerals to build bone density and keeping osteoporosis at bay. Calcium also enables blood to clot. 

Magnesium supports normal nerve and muscle function. Besides Research shows that people with adequate amount of Magnesium are 47% less likely to develop diabetes.

How to Incorporate Sesame flour into your daily diet:

Add to smoothies, fruit juice, soups, salads,  porridge ( Teff flour and Sesame Flour), add to your Ugali flour ( sorghum, millet and sesame)