About Us

Sickness is draining in many ways; physically, mentally and even financially. Even common and recurrent ailments like headaches, cold & flu symptoms, bloating etc make us very uncomfortable.

We live at a time where we are battling new viruses such as Corona Viruses and the future is quite uncertain with concerns that more pandemics are coming.

Large portions of our population are faced with rising cases of hitherto rare diseases such heart problems, type 2 diabetes, obesity, sexual dysfunction, cancer etc 

The main positive out of all this is that modern science and research has been pointing to lifestyle changes as the major cause of these conditions.

From the foods we are consuming, to living dormant lifestyles, we have been afforded causes of our current health crises.

Africa in particular is experiencing most cases of rapid rise in lifestyle diseases. According to World Health Organization( WHO), non-communicable diseases account for more than 70% of deaths annually.

It is for these reasons coupled with our experience of affording ourselves a disease free and healthy lifestyle that we started this page- Restore and Thrive

Restore & Thrive is our platform to share the healthy foods and herbs we should be eating to strengthen our immunity and keep diseases at bay. We have experienced what the great healers of old knew that your food is your medicine and it is our joy to share with you.

My name is Moses, Join me as we journey to health and vitality.